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I'm on top of the world and I don't fall down. An angel should never touch the ground.

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                           Tell me, did you  s   a   i   l   across the sun

Did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all faded,

                                                                                   and that HEAVEN                                                                             is



                 and tell me, did you  f



                                                  l  for a shooting star,

                 one without a permanent scar and DID YOU MISS ME

                                 while you were looking for yourself


t h e r e

The best soy latte that you ever had and… me.



when you realize how much shit they actually crammed into ONE SEASON (cough season 5)….

  • human katherine
  • bonnie’s funeral
  • bonnie coming back to life
  • anchor to the other side
  • amara/silas/qetsiyah
  • doppelgangers fated to be together
  • nadia
  • augustine society
  • jesse / jesse x…


Katherine Pierce Favourite Outfits (Season 5)

Behind every bitch, there’s a guy who made her that way. 😈💔🌹✨